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2593595c91 | Genuine International®  Injector For Navistar.
2593595c91 | Genuine International®  Injector For Navistar.

2593595C91 | Genuine International® Injector For Navistar

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Description: Injector  

Condition: New Remanufactured By International

Brand: International

Part Number: 2593595c91

Other Oem Part Numbers That Will Work: 1480430018, 1830559c91, 1830559c92, 1830560c1, 1830560c2, 1830561c91, 1830561c92, 1830561c93, 1830561c94, 1830561c95, 1830562c2, 1830562c3, 1830562c4, 1830562c90, 1830562c91, 1830562c92, 1830740c90, 1830740c91, 1830740c92, 1830740c93, 1830741c90, 1830741c91, 1830741c92, 1830741c92p, 1830741c93, 1830741c93p, 1830741c93r, 1830741c94, 1830741c95, 19700073d, 2593594c91, 2593594c92, 2593595c91, 2593595c92, 480255, 480255x, 6994-Pp, 6994pp, Ap63811bi, De512, Ex63813bi, Fltfi2593595, Fsr1805bi, Heuibi, Heuibix, R-2593594c91-Bi, R-2593595c91-Bi, R2593594c91bi, R2593595c91bi