U3932002 Freightliner Berh Radiator For Freightliner Columbia Bht

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Product Vendor : BEHR

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Description:  Radiator

Condition: New

Brand: Behr

This Part Number  Bht U3700001
Changes To A New Part Number Bht U3932002

Alliance Part Number: Abp N20 2001 1715
Newstar Part Number: S-21965

Other Oem Part Numbers That Will Work: ( Below)
BHTB98476, E3832, 98478, BHT98478, BHT97876, A0519870016, 19870016, BHT00530, A05519870014, A05519870016, BHTD0535, BHTE3831, BHTE3832, A0519870014, BHTA9450, BHTU3932001, U3932001, 93060, BHT93060, BHTU3700001, U3700001, BHT98476, 98476, A0519870001, BHTA3562, SRM8044, FR1302B0013, FR1302B0023, E3831, CTVTM80443, FRE19, BHTU3932002, U3932002, U3932102, 437370S, 8000-19PT, 42-10075
Core Size

Height: 41-3/4" between the tanks

Width: 30-5/8" wide - fin area only



Inlet Neck:2-1/2 inches


Outlet Neck: 2-1/2 inches

Connection Location: Upper Right

Connection Location: Lower Left

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