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SL-M6-UNI-84 | Spod® Sourcelt Source Lt Mini6 Switch Control 84" Battery Cables

by Spod
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Description: Sourcelt Source Lt Mini6 Switch Control 84" Battery Cables

Condition: New

Brand: Spod

Part Number: SL-M6-UNI-84


Product Details

The SourceLT will save hours of wiring and installation time! It is a small,?solid-state?6-circuit control system that provides a clean (one cable into the cab!) and safe way to power and control 12VDC accessories.

Due to the small footprint of the SourceLT, the placement options are endless! No cutting, fishing wires into the cab or tapping into the vehicle's electrical system. It's the perfect over-all solution for all your aftermarket electrical accessories with options unmatched by anyone.

? 6 circuits rated at 30 amps at 12.5 VDC per circuit
? 12-position terminal block (easily attach accessories)
? Controller cable?(10 foot)?for simple plug-n-play connectivity to the switch controller
? Integrated low voltage cutoff (LVCO) battery protection w/ optional override
??Self-healing?fault protection?circuits?(from 1.5 to 30amps)
? Current-sensing MOSFETs controlled by a microprocessor (no fuses and no?relays)
? 50amp auto-resetting circuit breaker
? Nylon braided battery cables are hi-strand crosslinked copper wire with a?silicone jacket
? Operates on 12VDC
? Built-in Bluetooth capabilities for remote control
? Protection against: overheating, over-current, shorts, reverse polarity and?field collapse
? On-demand wireless software updates/upgrades?


? Powder coated steel base w/ built in?hardware
? Silicone gasket for weatherproofing
??Simple thumb screw fastening aluminum lid with convenient silkscreened outlines for placement of supplied legends
??Universal and?vehicle specific mounting options
? Robust insulated base and cover

Mini6 Control Panel:

  • Panel Dimensions: 2.062 inch W x 3.750 inch L x .375 inch D
  • Programmable modes: momentary / latch and backlight brightness level
  • Visual feedback circuit ON indicator light for each button
  • Includes one sheet of 72 standard legends
  • Power-saving Deep Sleep Mode: Deactivates after 6 hours of inactivity
  • Silicone buttons for easy touch activation
  • Can run in conjunction with a 6-switch panel
  • CAT-6 Ethernet connected (up to 25 feet from SourceLT)

Features Available Through sPod Mobile App (free):

Each switch can be programmed for:
? Dimming
? Strobe
? Flash
? Momentary
? Switch Linking
? On-Road and Off-Road mode of operation

Bluetooth requirements:

  • Access to iTunes or Google Play Store to download the sPOD app?
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible?
  • Compatible with Android devices running 8.0 Oreo (API 26) or later?
  • Compatible with iOS 11 or newer, iPhone 7s or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad mini?
  • Must have existing?sPOD system

This componet is a vital componet to your equipment.


We offer a 1 year warranty on this part. If this part fails within the 1 year warranty period after you have received your part than we will send you a replacement part or send you a full refund if the part isn't in stock. You can read more about warranty on our website in more detail. 


We accept returns witin 30 days if you happened to order the wrong part or just no longer need the part. You can read more about our return policy on our website in more detail.