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C7596-B, C15 3406, C16 S478 | CAT® Turbocharger

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Description: S430SX Billet 75MM C7596 Turbocharger for CAT

Brand: AIRTEC 

MPN: C7596-B  C15 3406 C16 S478 S430SXE S430SX


S430SX Billet 75MM C7596 Turbocharger for CAT C15 3406B E Models (ATIC7596B) 

75mm Forged milled compressor wheel (billet)
96MM turbine wheel
HD 360 degree thrust bearing
Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
T6 twin scroll 1.32 A/R non-wastegated turbine housing
Supporting HP range from 475-650HP

For your 3406B-E/C15 model
Air-tec Innovation’s turbos are designed assembled and balanced at our ATI turbo shop in Southeast Iowa. This turbo is designed to be a direct replacement billet 75mm for the Cat 3406B-E models as well as C15. The estimated operating horsepower range is from 475-650HP, although depending on how your truck is modified these results may vary. The ATI turbos have the heavy Duty 360 thrust bearings and have the compressor inducer machined with a radius for optimun air flow . Our billet turbos have a coated compressor cover and chrome ceramic coated exhaust housing for better performance to match most of the after-market high flow exhaust manifolds. Our ATI billet wheels are our exclusive design. We have designed our own billet compressor wheels for the best air flow, driveability, to obtain the best fuel economy as well as horse power.

Supporting HP range from 475-650HProm 475-650HP

This componet is a vital componet to your equipment.


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